What is NAS? (Network Attached Storage)

What is NAS? (Network Attached Storage)

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NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is a File Level Computer Storage and it’s software specifically designed for serving files. We can simply call it as file server. Basically NAS store data for your infrastructure.

If you wanted to store data in a centralized location, where it can be accessed from all of your devices on your network then you can do this by using a network attached storage(NAS) device.

NAS storage device is dedicated specifically to serving files. So, it’s hardware is optimized and they have more network connections. Simply saying NAS is a box which stores data and it doesn’t do anything else besides storing data.

Typically a NAS is a box that will have multiple hard drives in a RAID configuration for redundancy and it’ll also have a network interface card that will directly attach to a switch or router. So, that the data can be accessed over a network, then once it’s on the network, it can be accessed from other devices Such as desktops, laptops and
servers and it can be accessed as a shared drive.

Entire purpose in life of NAS is to store data, that it may store one terabyte of data or it may store a few petabytes of data. In order to interact with NAS storage you need to use basically any of the standard protocol like standard file transfer protocol(FTP), SMB, CFS and apple file protocol.

So, this is equivalent when you set up a NAS server as a shared drive on the network and they are accessed just like you would access a shared drive on a server. Basically it is a shared file server on the network.

There are lot of different nas network attached storage devices out there. You can use things like FreeNAS.

FreeNAS is a Free Network Attached Storage has operating systems that they are specifically designed only to store files. This is important because you’re not going to be interacting with that server or device in any other way. So, it will be more secure than other types of servers.

Since they’re specially designed for storing data they’re simply better at it than many of the other server operating systems. So, when they create the operating system they optimize it only for storing and transmitting data that being able to send and receive data.

Would you like to know? SAN-Storage Area Network

NAS operating system is slim down so it’s only dedicated to serving files and not performing other functions.

People use these devices to store large amounts of files accessible to many people from their organization. The main access from their workstations as well as servers to that storage. It is also used for a place for parking backup data.

NAS server can also be used as a place for different platforms to put their Data for example Linux box or Windows box and a Mac box may only just share the data central that you could use on NAS device. NAS devices basically is offering up file shares on the network.

Server accessing NAS storage, it would see it as a share.

for example: \\NAS-Server\ShareName.

Multiple workstations to be able to hit that data. So, with that NAS device, if the power supply fails then NAS device fails the rate controller. the NAS device fails if the user somehow shows a virus on to it and it fails your data, your data stops untill you can get it back up and working.

Where NAS is used?

NASs are typically used in homes and they are also used in small to medium-sized businesses. NAS network attached storage is easy to configure.

Disadvantage of NAS

One of the main disadvantages with a NAS is that it has a single point of failure. So, as an example let’s say if a component fails such as, if the power supply fails on the NAS then all of the other devices will not be able to access its data.

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