Top 10 Largest Cities In The World

Top 10 Largest Cities In The World

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Population is increasing day by day and simultaneously deaths are also happening. Even though there is balance in the world population, some cities have most population. In this post you will be knowing about Top 10 Largest Cities In The World.

According to the estimation provided by United Nations in 2018, there are more than 81 cities with a population over 5,000,000 people. The urban population is drastically increased in recent years. This phenomenon leads to the formation of world’s largest population cities. largest cities in the world by population.

Top 10 Largest Cities In The World

The Top 10 Largest Cities In The World are:

10. Osaka:

Country: Japan

Population: 19.28 million

source: Osaka

Osaka city is situated in the Kansai region of japan’s largest island Honshu. It is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture.

Osaka Castle is main historical landmark of 16th-century. “Dōtonbori” is the Popular district for dining & theater. Universal Studios Japan is in Osaka. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is the Huge landmark for marine-life exhibits.

9. Dhaka:

Country: Bangladesh

Population: 19.58million

Source: Ishtm

Dhaka is the capital and the largest city of Bangladesh situated besides the Buriganga River in southern Asia. It is the most densely populated city in the world.

Lalbagh Fort is the 17th-century fort with art & antiques. Ahsan Manzil Museum is Landmark palace of the Dhaka Nawabs. National Parliament House is the Parliament building with modern design. Sonargaon is the Museum with folk art and history are situated in Dhaka.

8. Beijing:

Country: China

Population: 19.61 million

Source: unsplash

Beijing is the capital city of China, officially known as People’s Republic of China and it is the world’s most populous capital city.

There are many historical places in Beijing like Great Wall of China which is Historic structure winding across China, Forbidden City, Palace complex from 1420 with a museum. Summer Palace, Iconic lakeside retreat for royalty. Temple of Heaven, Famed & historic temple complex.

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7. Mumbai:

Country: India

Population: 19.98 million

Source: India

Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is the one of the densely populated city in India. It is also known as financial capital(center) of India.

There are many famous landmarks in Mumbai such as Gateway Of India Mumbai. Elephanta Caves, Island with sculpted cave temples. Marine Drive, Waterfront promenade with dining options. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, UNESCO-listed Gothic Revival station.

6. Cairo:

Country: Egypt

Population: 20.07 million

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, situated besides Nile River. It is also the largest city in the Arab world and largest in Africa.

There are many Historical places in Cairo such as Giza Necropolis, Site of the Great Pyramids & the Sphinx. The Egyptian Museum, Tracing 5,000 years of Egyptian history. Khan el-Khalili, Major bazaar selling souvenirs & crafts. Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Imposing alabaster-clad mosque.

5. Mexico City:

Country: Mexico

Population: 21.58 million

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and it is the densely populated city in North America.

There are many popular places in Mexico City like Bosque de Chapultepec, Expansive park with various attractions. Historic center of Mexico City, Buzzy city center & historic landmarks. Zócalo, Prominent plaza with frequent events. Museo Nacional de Antropología,Museum with Mayan artifacts & more.

4. São Paulo:

Country: Brazil

Population: 21.65 million

São Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil. It is situated in the Southeast Region of Brazil. It is the richest Brazilian state with a major industrial complex.

São Paulo has many beautiful places to visit like Ibirapuera Park, Cultural center & green recreation area. Paulista Avenue,Bustling avenue with museums & more. Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, Large collection by renowned artists. Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Established museum for Brazilian artwork.

3. Shanghai:

Country: China

Population: 25.58 million

Source: alamy

Shanghai is situated in China’s central coast region. It is not only the country’s biggest city but also china’s global financial hub. It is also the most populous city in China.

The most popular sights in Shanghai are The Bund, Famed waterside walkway with city views. Yu Garden, Winding, famed classical garden. Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Iconic tower with city views. Nanjing Road is the Shanghai’s main shopping street.

2. Delhi:

Country: India

Population: 28.51 million

Source: livemint

Delhi is the capital of India ans it has served as a capital of various kingdoms and empires. It is estimated that Delhi will be most populous city in the world within a decade.

Must visit sights in Delhi are Red Fort,Iconic 1600s imperial residence & museum. Qutub Minar, 5-storey victory tower with balconies, Humayun’s Tomb, Palatial 16th-century tomb of Humayun, India Gate,1920s triumphal arch & war memorial.

1. Tokyo:

Country: Japan

Population: 37.40 million

Source: olympic

The most populated city in the world is Tokyo, city from Japan. It is also the capital city of Japan. It is officially known as Tokyo Metropolis. Tokyo is situated in Japan’s main island, Honshu.

There are many historic and scenic places in Tokyo like Sensō-ji, Historic temple to the goddess of mercy. Tokyo Skytree, Huge tower with an observation deck. Meiji Jingu, Famed Shinto shrine with a garden. Tokyo Tower,Well-known tower with observation areas.

Among the 81 cities estimated by United Nations 2018, there are 20 china cities, 9 united states’s cities, 9 indian cities, 4 japan cities occupies the half of the largest cities in the world by population.

So, according to the estimation of United Nations 2018 the Largest Cities In The World are:

  • Tokyo, japan – 37.40 million
  • Delhi, India – 28.51 million
  • Shanghai, China – 25.58 million
  • São Paulo, Brazil – 21.65 million
  • Mexico City, Mexico – 21.58 million
  • Cairo, Egypt – 20.07 million
  • Mumbai, India – 19.98 million
  • Beijing, China – 19.61 million
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh – 19.58 million
  • Osaka, Japan – 19.28 million

The above mentioned list is about largest cities in the world by population.

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