Overview of ZGOD PUBG Mobile Gaming

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ZGOD is a nick name of PUBG Mobile player “Abhishek Choudhary”. PUBG id of ZGOD is “TSMenZGOD”.

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ZGOD PUBG Mobile Gaming Details

Real NameAbhishek Choudhary
Nick NameZGOD
InGame NameEntityZGOD / TSMenZGOD
RoleRifler (support)
Team:TSM Entity
Claw 4 Finger Gyro
Game Mobileiphone 11 pro max

Entity ZGOD Real Name and team

As it is said earlier, ZGOD real name is “Abhishek Choudhary” and he plays for TSM Entity, which is an Indian PUBG Mobile team. The team Entity has a partnership between Team SoloMid and Entity Gaming, an Indian organization.

He teamed up with ClutchGod, GHATAK, JONATHAN and Neyoo. ZGOD was added in the team after his performance as top damage dealer in PMCO 2019 – Fall Split.

ZGOD PUBG Mobile Achievements

ZGOD got Lots Of Achievement In Pubg Mobile.

His recent Achievement is in the tournment, PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals, where he got 2nd and won prize of $20,000 on 2020-06-14.

ZGOD Youtube Channel

ZGOD has a Youtube Channel naming ZGOD GAMING with 77k+ subscribers, where he will do live streaming of Pubg Mobile. He joined youtube on Joined Nov 13, 2019 but he posted is first video on Jan 29, 2020.

ZGOD Gaming Youtube Channel

Channel icon:

ZGOD gaming youtube channel

Channel Art(Banner)

ZGOD gaming youtube channel banner


Name Of Channel

Number Of Subscribers

Uploaded Videos

Total Videos Views


Channel Category

Channel Joined On

Founders Of The Channel

Channel Description


ZGOD Gaming



2,062,307+ views



Nov 13, 2019

Abhishek Choudhary


Social Media Links of the Channel

Youtube Link

Instagram Link

Videos categories

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Most Popular Video

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