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FaceApp a privacy threat? why it is triggered?

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If you’ve been on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other internet service that lets you share photos, you may have seen the name FaceApp! or at least saw some creepy photos of people morphed into younger and older, gender change versions of themselves or the others.

If you’d like to know the detailed information of FaceApp, follow along to (hopefully) have your questions answered!

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a photo editor( photo-morphing ) app that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to make creepy, hilarious, weird, and sometimes fascinating alterations to faces. The application can use photos from your library or you can snap a photo within the app.

The main reason for the app to go viral and triggered is the country of origin i.e., Russia.

FaceApp uses server-side technologies to process your photos and add its creepy-cool filters; that means photos you filter in the app are uploaded to FaceApp’s servers.

What sort of “neural face transformations” can it do?

what filters does it have? FaceApp can change your face with the following filters:

  •  Smile & Smile 2: This filter will add a smile to the face in the photo.
  •  Young: This filter will make the face younger.
  •  Old: This filter will make the face older.
  •  Female: This filter will give the female face features.
  •  Male: This filter will give the male face features.

How much does FaceApp cost?

FaceApp is a free app with a single in-app purchase. Here’s what you get if you pay the $3.99:

  • Ad-free: You won’t see anymore ads as you’re utilizing the app.
  • No watermarks: You have the option to remove the FaceApp watermark.
  • Priority photo processing: Server-side processing can be slow when a lot of people are utilizing the app. The $3.99 purchase gets you a “dedicated server cluster for faster photo processing.” In other words, your photos get VIP treatment when they’re sent off to be processed.

Who developed FaceApp?

FaceApp is for iOS and Android devices developed by Russian company Wireless Lab. FaceApp was launched on iOS in January 2017 and on Android in February 2017. The company’s founder is Yaroslav Goncharov.

Why the app went viral and triggered?

Two privacy concerns, to be specific: one about the general ecosystem of apps that vacuum up our data, and one about FaceApp’s country of origin.

The company’s founder, Yaroslav Goncharov, stated that user data and uploaded images were not being transferred to Russia but instead processed on servers running in the Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

“I wouldn’t look at a project and judge it dependent on the city of origin. I would judge it based on the quality of work and the particular application,” said Oren Etzioni, the chief executive of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a research center in Seattle. “Just because it’s from St. Petersburg or Beijing does not at all mean it’s dangerous. And just because it was developed by the NSA or the U.S. doesn’t mean it’s good.”

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The real issue, Etzioni said, was how the data was utilized — whether users understood how the photos might be utilized for different purposes or what they were giving up. “That’s a subject of concern for all of us. Not simply, ‘Oh my god, it’s Russia,’” he said.

FaceApp collects only the photos where as facebook and other apps collects all your personal information from your name to your interests. Think whenever you download an app and try to read it’s privacy policy.

Did I miss any questions you’re dying to have answered? Let me know in the comments below.

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